The unplanned

Well, this has been a very interesting journey we’ll probably never forget. From the start this whole situation has been very confusing to all of us, but due to the time passing by I believe that we all got through this hectic period together. The solution that they created isn’t Monaco, but I’m glad our teachers found a solution for the students who couldn’t go through with their planned internships.

TRM Creative Lab

They came up with a concept called ‘TRM Creative Lab’. They divided the students into five different hubs:

Co-creation, Local Initiatives, Studio Culture, Supporting Services and Transport. Every hub has their own purpose to help and advise other touristic organizations. I am very glad that I got chosen to be a member of the hub Local Initiatives. We got a lot of interesting assignments for example: Reizen Waes, Pegase, Geoteam, B&B Villa Tartine and Intersoc.

Villa Tartine

One of my favorite assignments that I really enjoyed working on was Villa Tartine. I am so glad that I got the opportunity to work with Xhelina on this task, because we combined our best skills and made something, we are proud of and are glad to share it with others. As an assignment we had to help the owners of Villa Tartine for their 10th year anniversary, for that they asked us to help them to organise a picknick and respect the safety measures of the coronavirus. Thus, we created a picknick concept for them from A to Z. We made sure that the picknick concept matched their B&B atmosphere. To help them to understand our vision, we created a mood board. Our last task for them will be making a promotion video, we can’t wait to complete it.


One of the other assignments I enjoyed working on was Pegase. We had to make an inventory of all the activities they offer in their hotels abroad. We realized that they didn’t offer that many activities, except from tennis, golf, etc. So, we took the initiative to create a new activity for them called: Dining and Diving in Style.

Throughout this entire period, I have experienced and learned new things about myself that I did not expect at all. With that said I can close this chapter of my school year feeling content about the project and myself. In conclusion, I would like to thank my group for the good support and work.

Bron: Alliela Inyange

-Alliela Inyange

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